Our Company History

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Hello! My name is Dan Grimes, the owner of Integrity 1st Roofing. For three generations, my family has been in the residential construction industry. I joined in 1977 to work with my father. He taught me many of the “old school” philosophies that are very rare nowadays. For example, “Why do people have time to come back and fix things, but they do not have the time to do it right the first time?” or “Every job you do has your last name on it. Be proud.”. This is now my family business. It is owned and operated by me, my wife, and our son, Shaun and some day it will be his.

Not only are we building a business, but a legacy to pass on for generations to come.

We are also very hands on. You will most likely see me or my son on your job site to make sure everything is done the way we want it done.

I understand that at this time you have goals you wish to accomplish. We are in the service business and we are here to help you accomplish those goals as quickly and easily as possible.

I am very excited when given the opportunity to help and work for you, our valued customer.