Hail Damaged Roof

Hail storm damage shingles integrity 1st roofing

Example of a roof that experienced hail damage.



Is your roof damaged by hail? If your roof is leaking or has torn or missing shingles, then your roof might have some hail damage. Even if you are unsure that you are experiencing damage to your roof, it is always a good idea to have it checked because the more damage that is done over time, the more costly it can be for you to repair or replace your roof. Our inspections are 100% free of charge and we can help you with the insurance claim process.

Hailstorms and other types of storms can cause severe damage to your roof. While it may not be as obvious as a broken window, the damage done to a roof can be even more problematic. With a broken window, you see it right away, but with a roof, you may not be able to notice it until it’s so bad that it is very costly. Our trained roofing specialists can help you determine whether or not there is storm damage to your roof and guide you to take the right steps towards fixing the problems you might be experiencing.

hail storm damage interior integrity 1st roofing

Example of what hail damage can do if not addressed quickly.